Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (IASTM) – some commonly trademarked names are Graston, ASYSTM, ASTYM and SASTM

IASTM is a manual physical therapy technique where a therapist uses a “tool” to detect and treat scar tissue or tissue restrictions to order to regain appropriate mobility in muscles/tendons or ligaments.  After surgery or injuries to our bodies, scar tissue and tissue adhesions can form which can lead to decreased range of motion resulting many times in increased pain.  Restoring proper ROM/tissue mobility is the main goal of this technique and is conjunction with other physical therapy techniques, this technique has been a very beneficial treatment to help patients regain control of their daily activities.  After a thorough evaluation by your physical therapist, they will discuss this technique in more detail with you if it’s deemed to be appropriate for your specific injury/condition.

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